About Micronakh

Pushank Yazd Company with an infrastructure of 10,000 square meters in Yazd city was established in 1359 by Seyed Jalal Misbah and Seyed Ali Misbah.
In this company, modern machines with the latest technology of the world and with the best technology of Germany are used to increase the quality of texture and the ability to design all kinds of tricot fabrics.
Since the market demand for better quality fabrics and up-to-date designs had increased, Micronkh Yazd Company, as a sub-set of Pushank Company, has been operating since 2013 with an infrastructure of over 11,000 square meters and with the aim of Helping to increase the production and cover the orders of respected customers of Pushank Company started working. It is obvious that in this collection, the standards of Baft and the main principles and qualitative and quantitative goals of the company have been specially observed.
With modern machines, this collection is capable of producing all kinds of round woven fabrics, including: Single cylinder, 2-thread and 3-thread dorse, jacquard, guipure, velvet, and all types of fabrics that can be woven with fully computerized machines.
The braids of this collection are used in the production of men's and women's clothing, children's, light and heavy t-shirts, sweatshirts, underwear, home pants and shirts, sportswear, women's stretch pants, women's supports, etc.

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