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Knitting fabrics are fabrics that are known as tricot in Iran. This term error is derived from the English word tricot, which literally means thin fabrics (such as underclothing fabrics and the like) and is referred to circular woven fabrics, while existing circular woven fabrics have a circular texture. It is woven and is different from tricot. Knitting products are made with different thicknesses and textures, which fortunately, a high percentage of the country's market needs are provided and supplied by domestic knitting manufacturers.

High variety of fabric and inventory

Types of fabrics we produce:

  • Simple one way and two way
  • Jacquard shirt
  • double jacquard
  • Mini Jacquard
  • Jacquard Ringer
  • Types of courses
  • Fanrip
  • transfer
  • velvet
  • Towel
  • wick
  • All kinds of lame fabrics

quality of products

High quality products A very high variety of products due to having complete and up-to-date machines, as well as high standards of machine maintenance and service Using high-quality raw materials from the most reliable brands Short time interval from order registration to product delivery due to the availability of raw materials at the factory The guarantee of having the products and the possibility of referring them if you see the smallest technical problem in the products The possibility of using all kinds of threads The possibility of creating a variety of custom designs and sampling for free and getting approval before placing an order The possibility of 100% simulation of foreign requested samples